Hi Everyone


For the second year running we are proud to announce that Bella’s Bananas will be back at Woofstock UK 2017. Now, I know there were no bananas last year but there were plenty of other lovely things. Bella’s Bananas is a stall full of wonderful handmade items from bandanas to cushions from wonky owls to bags. You will find unique items at the Bella’s Bananas stall and all items are made under the supervision of Bella herself. So who is Bella? Well, Bella is my, pawsonal assistant. Bella keeps me on track and spends hours nagging me about what needs to be done. Like me, Bella is a dog and is in charge of well almost everything bar the tennis balls.

You will find Bella in the cartoons we do and also on twitter @bellisimobella1 where she has thousands of followers. Bella unlike Harry loves pink but rest assured the items on Bella’s Bananas stall are not all pink. Bella is also our chief media woof and also does all the posters for Woofstock UK. She is one busy lady!


Whilst Bella’s Bananas will be with us next year why wait? Head on over to  https://m.facebook.com/Bellasbananas/?__mref=message_bubble today and grab yourself something very special. Brilliant for presents too and with Christmas just round the corner it is the best place to start your shopping today.

Woof for now