Meet the Bands

We are so proud to have incredibly talented artists on stage at this years Woofstock UK. So let's introduce them in order of how they will be playing on the day...................                                                 [...]

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Top dog of Woofstock UK meets Top Dog of BRNC

Hi Everyone it's me Harry top dog of Woofstock UK. So as you know I was very lucky and attended the Britannia Royal Naval College in Dartmouth and interviewed Captain Woodard who is in charge of the College and is opening this year's Woofstock UK. Well, I also got to meet and interview the top [...]

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In the Navy!

        Harry, The Boss, Captain Woodard and                                                    Pumpkin Hi It’s me Harry top dog of Woofstock UK, I had the pleasure of attending the Britannia Royal Naval College a couple of weeks ago to meet with Captain Woodard and his dog Pumpkin to find out about what he does. Captain Woodard is opening this year’s Woofstock UK so I felt it was impawtant to find out about the top man at the BRNC and his gorgeous dog Pumpkin. After all he is opening my festival! […]

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Terrier Friendship Fund UK

Hi Everyone We are pleased to announce that the Terrier Friendship Fund UK will be at Woofstock UK 2017. They will be providing free crafting sessions for children so be sure to visit and take part. So, who are TFF UK? TFF UK formed at the start of 2016 as an unincorporated association with charitable [...]

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Bella’s Bananas

Hi Everyone For the second year running we are proud to announce that Bella's Bananas will be back at Woofstock UK 2017. Now, I know there were no bananas last year but there were plenty of other lovely things. Bella's Bananas is a stall full of wonderful handmade items from bandanas to cushions from wonky [...]

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Introducing The Pure Dog Listener Caroline Spencer

Hi Efuryone it’s me Harry top dog of Woofstock UK, Through organising Woofstock UK I have had the unbelievable pleasure of becoming great friends with a pawsome human called Caroline Spencer. Caroline stepped in at the last minute in the very first Woofstock UK back in 2014 and ended up being the main ring chatterbox for the dog shows. She did the most pawsome job and we were so grateful to her for stepping in. Since then Caroline has been to each Woofstock UK and we are so delighted to announce she is coming to Woofstock UK 2017 too! Caroline runs a company called Pure Dog Listeners  I can say with paw on heart that Caroline really really gets us dogs. I have even made the boss read her book “Why does my dog do that?” and all I have been hearing ever since is “wow that makes so much sense”. Now even a pawfect pooch like me is benefiting from the advice from Caroline! So I was delighted when Caroline agreed to be interviewed by me so I could put some probing questions to her about what she does. So sit back and make sure your human reads this……………. Caroline Spencer […]

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Woofstock UK 2017 Here we come!

Hi Efuryone its me Harry Well the top secret is out! After much deliberation we are doing another Woofstock UK. Last years was pawsome and much talked about. We are glad we took a year out to find a pawsome new venue. We know next year is going to be just as good if not better. [...]

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Meet Ama and his delightful treats

Hi All Now as you humans know you all get wristband tickets to get into Woofstock UK but it is only right and proper that Dogs go free after all Woofstock UK is a festival by dogs for dogs. If you are on Twitter you will have seen us woofing with a regular feature at each years Woofstock UK Amadeusivan or Ama to his pals @Amadeusivan . Ama is not only a great dog with a great pawsonality but is in charge of Ammy’s Delight and on Twitter @AmmysDelight  So without further delay let me introduce you to the world of Ama…………….. […]

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