Hi Everyone

We are pleased to announce that the Terrier Friendship Fund UK will be at Woofstock UK 2017. They will be providing free crafting sessions for children so be sure to visit and take part. So, who are TFF UK?


TFF UK formed at the start of 2016 as an unincorporated association with charitable aims. TFF UK has assisted people with beloved pets who are in need and continues this amazing work. They assist owners whose pets require emergency support whether emotionally or with one off vet bill funding. There is no particular breed they assist and all applications are welcome.

As any pet owner knows, vet treatment can be very costly particularly if you have no insurance or struggling with financial difficulties these unexpected costs could lead to heartbreaking decisions having to be made.

Funding from TFF UK requires a full application process, membership of the Terrier Friendship Fund UK and UK residency.

To find out more visit http://facebook.com/groups/terrierfriendshipfunduk 

or email


We are proud to have TFF UK with us next year. Keep up the good work team.

Woof for now