We are delighted to have the following amazing people attending Woofstock UK 2017 all of which are leading experts in their fields.



Caroline Spencer

Caroline Spencer is the author of “Why Does My Dog Do That?” and Co Author with Lesley Harris of “Parenting Your New Puppy”. Caroline has also designed The Ultimate Happy At Heel Harness ( made by Ancol Pet Products Ltd) which is side attachment and guides a pulling dog round to help you connect on your lead walk. This has the added benefit in also improving recall when off lead when done correctly.

Caroline set up and has been running Pure Dog Listeners since 2009 and is very fortunate to work with several like minded behaviourists to help put the word out and work with dogs in more areas.

Carolines’ past experience covers the pet dog training and working dog training. She had been taught traditional methods using the dog sit, dog stay and dog heel, treat training, non treat training, clicker training. This she found very limiting and felt she was teaching dogs to run before they could walk. Caroline felt she was making a dog to do things with out any good reason. Why should a dog heel? Why should a dog sit? She was forcing her will on to a living being, when that being had no way of understanding why it was being told to do such things..all of which worked against its natural instincts not with them.

So many limiting beliefs were put her way and she began to question many. An example she questioned was: You can’t train a dog after it is 2yrs old. If that were the case then all humans would have to stop education at 20 yrs as they were past learning, we learn throughout our lives, so why shouldn’t dogs if you put them in the right environment, with the right teacher who has empathy and is consistent in their approach .

“We have learnt to bridge that gap between human and dog, so we get along just fine. Understanding why a dog does what he does is paramount. There is not a naughty dog out there, there are most definitely confused dogs though.”

In 2017 we are delighted to have Caroline back with us for a third year. She will be carrying out demonstrations and will also be our coompare for the day.

To find out more about the work that Caroline and her team do please visit www.puredoglisteners.com you can also find her books readily available on Amazon.




Ross Porter is a small animal vet based in Dart Vale Veterinary Practice in South Devon he is someone who is deeply passionate about animal welfare and care. Harry loves Ross and was paramount in his care and referral to Patrick Ridge. Harry often refuses to leave Ross even after consultation which shows the bond Ross has with animals. 


Ross qualified from the University of Nottingham in 2013 and started working as a mixed vet at Dart Vale in 2014. In 2016 Ross went travelling in Australia, New Zealand, USA and Canada returning to Dart Vale 9 months later as a small animal vet.Ross says his favourite elements of veterinary practice are first opinion consultations. He enjoys interacting with both pets and their owners! Ross has also been developing a keen interest in surgery and orthopaedics. Ross hopes to improve the services offered at the Dart Vale Dartmouth surgery in the future. In his spare time Ross enjoys trail running on the coast and moors. He is also an enthusiastic surfer and loves anything to do with the sea.

We are delighted that Ross is coming to Woofstock UK 2017 for the first time this year as a judge. 




Patrick Ridge BVSc Cert VR Cert SAS MRCVS
RCVS Advanced Practitioner in Small Animal Surgery

Patrick will be attending Woofstock UK 2017 for the first time and we are delighted to have him on board. We have first hand experience of Patrick amazing skill when he fixed Harry in 2016. Needless to say Harry fell in love with Patrick refusing to leave the practice and insisting Patrick carried him to the car. This is testament to the connection Patrick has with animals.

Patrick qualified in 1996 from Bristol and spent his early career in mixed practice in the southwest. He developed an interest in arthroscopy and joint disease whilst working at Langford vet school. Patrick holds the RCVS certificates in veterinary radiology and small animal surgery, is published in peer reviewed journals and has presented internationally. 

Ridge Referrals is a small animal orthopaedic referral service specialising in arthroscopy (key hole joint surgery). They accept veterinary referrals (cases sent from other vets only) in all aspects of orthopaedics in cats and dogs including fractures, joint disease and medical orthopaedics (such as certain causes of arthritis similar to Rheumatoid arthritis and muscle diseases). When you visit Ridge Referrals there are photographs on the walls of the work Patrick and his team have carried out. It is truly astounding.

To find out more about Ridge Referrals and the team visit www.ridgereferrals.co.uk